Practical MCMC Feedback Friday May 14th


Which lesson are you providing feedback for? How would you rate the lesson overall?
About this Course 4
Investigating Inference 4

What we did right

Course instructors own experience in learning MCMC.

The lectures felt well-motivated and smoothly progressed from one to another. It was helpful to relate one method to the next.

What we can improve upon

Showing more examples of conjugate models that are widely/commonly used in practice (if at all) would be helpful. Knowing specific contexts in which these simple models are totally sufficient and should be used over larger models would be helpful to know I think.

In the Grid Search lecture, I felt the plot of proportion of hypercube inside the hypersphere against dimension could use a bit more explanation. It’s not so clear to me how the y-axis was computed.

We will discuss how to improve on these trying to minimize the effect to overall scope and focus of the lessons.

I also wanted to use the opportunity to remind about office hours and discourse itself. There are many related topics that don’t make it to the lessons to try and keep them on scope and focused on the topic at hand, but we are available here and in the office hours to clarify anything about the lessons. It also helps us decide what to make the next courses about, so never hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback, keep them coming.

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