Concrete examples: applied data sets

Came across this example applied to earthquake prediction:

This kind of data makes the techniques more relevant to me. Figured we could share applied data sets here as we find them.


Please do, this is great stuff

I think i want their data.

Email them then ask! And then share it here

Here’s some from the StateSpaceModels.jl Julia library for time series (originally from Time Series Analysis by State Space Methods By Durban and Koopman [])

Repo link: StateSpaceModels.jl/datasets at master · LAMPSPUC/StateSpaceModels.jl · GitHub
Dataset Descriptions: Manual · StateSpaceModels.jl

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I was thinking of looking at the BasicMotions dataset - students wearing watches during 4 different exercises. Dataset is actually pretty small. I saw it because it is used by sktime as a example dataset for TS classification. Website lists a lot more datasets and algorithms for time series classification Time Series Classification Website


I found that the Irish weather monitoring system records data for free use. I’m going to look at the weather systems measured in my local park since 2000.