Public Commitment to read this Prob and Regression Chapter

Let’s run an experiment in self selection bias. Share what you hope to learn from this chapter

We’ll see if folks who post here end up are more likely to have read the chapter come our next check in date!

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I will read the chapter by the next check in date.

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I’ll read the chapter!

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For my undergrad degree I studied Theoretical Physics so with a physicist’s arrogance I tend to read linear regression stuff like “yeah, yeah, yeah all makes sense” then when it comes to applying the theory my mind goes blank.

I’m trying to shake my old habits and hope this chapter forces me to sit and code these regression models by hand. Gotta start connecting those neurons.

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I will read the chapter and try to work out some problems in R. Recently, I have started enjoying a bit of R on the side after working with python for most of the tasks.

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I will read the chapter and try to work out code

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Here! I’ll commit to reading the chapter.

I too will read the chapter!

I will read the chapter

Going to have a go at it tomorrow!

Was out of town for Chapter 1, will catch up for the Prob & Regression chapter for Sunday.

This is great! Glad to see show much enthusiasm

Every time I read a review chapter on linear regression I somehow find yet another little or big piece of understanding that had eluded me till then. I am excited to see this topic through the lens of someone from a very different background and learn even more!

I’m going to take a crack at this. BTW when is the next checkin again?

It’ll be on June 26th!

I’m a little late to the party but I will be reading this chapter this week.

Hows it coming along folks? We’ve got another couple days left. What are your thoughts so far?

halfway there … livin’ on a prayer :slight_smile:

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