Session 2: Basic Neural Nets Reading List

In this session we’re going to cover the basics of Neural nets. implementing them ourselves end to end in Flax.

We’ll talk about

  • The mathematics of the model
  • How parameters are estimated
  • All the pieces in estimation shown in code, specifically in Flax and other libraries

This is a coding heavy session were I’ll be going through as notebook.

If you’re like to preread here are my recommendations

For code check out Flax

This video from 3brown1blue

This video from Sebastian Rashcka

If you want to get super in depth

The CS231N course from Stanford is a classic. You’ll see this reference many times.

Session 2 Livestream link is up! See you 8 AM PST on the 14th

Code repo is here

Has anyone been able to create a conda environment to run the examples locally? I have installed flax, matplotlib, pandas without issues, but then jupyter collapses on top of that, hence, I am unable to run the notebook. What has worked for others? Below is the full list of instructions of how I created the environment.

conda create --name llm_env

conda activate llm_env

conda install -c conda-forge flax

conda install -c conda-forge matplotlib

conda install -c anaconda pandas

conda install -c anaconda jupyter
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Hey @Liza. Environments are annoying :frowning: Try pip install jupyter rather than conda after activating. Perhaps that’ll do the trick