Causal Inference Bookshelf

The discussion this morning contained references to numerous causal inference resources and the obvious thing to do is share them all in one place, so this is that topic!

The Effect

Causal Reasoning: Fundamentals and Machine Learning Applications

Causal Inference for The Brave and True

Credit to @rahulB for sharing this one here

Counterfactuals and Causal Inference

No open access that I know of but heres the cover to help you find it at your book dealer of choice

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I will add this one:

Unfortunately this is not available online :confused:

Since “The Book of Why” is not available online and the style is also a bit different (less methodical), I will add “Regression and Other Stories”.

Chapter 18-21 are solely about Causal Inference.


There’s some really good development happening in causal analysis.

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Looks very interesting

Still under development, but, this website thinkCausal has interactive tutorials on causal effects and methods. Super helpful!!. I came across this on an episode with Jeniffer Hill on SuperDataScience

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Just saw this post on LinkedIn about a book that will be available in 2023, both in print and free online. If we fill in with a few other chapters from other books, this book might be interesting to cover when it comes out.

Causal Analysis: Impact Evaluation and Causal Machine Learning with Applications in R by Martin Huber

Inference and Intervention:
Causal Models for Business Analysis
By Michael D. Ryall & Aaron L. Bramson