What are you looking to get out of this? Share your thoughts!

What is it you want out of this? Hands on practice with code, to just get a sense of causal inference, to hear from me, connect with others? or something else?

By sharing you’ll make it easier for me and others to help you find that thing!

For me I wanted to read through this book but do so in a way that helps others learn as well, not just me.

What are you looking for?

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Hi @RavinKumar,

I am a master’s student in informatics. I took a course “Statistical Machine Learning” which was based on PRML book by Bishop. Then I started listening to Learning Bayesian Statistics podcast by Alex Andorra and was intrigued by application of Bayesian methods in wide variety of fields. So, I am beginning my Bayesian journey. This will be also the first book club I have ever joined.

I lose patience while finishing a book and generally skip some parts. I hope that I don’t do that with this book. :slight_smile: Also, some coding sessions after 3-4 chapters would be nice according to me. I want to learn more about Causal Inference and use it in some real life application.

Thank you for hosting this book club. :beers:

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Been struggling to find time to read lately and the Causal inference book has been on to do list for a long time, so i figure this group will motivate me. I’m also hoping to encourage use of causal inference methods at work… and feel like this reading group might help me think through a useful use-case.

I figured I’d try something new – I often don’t go through a book systematically, and I’ve only dabbled in causal inference as a result. Thought this would be a fun way to “force” myself through it. :slight_smile:

I was suggesting to a student of mine a Book Club on Pearl’s Causality for next semester. Lo and behold, your email landed on my inbox. I am inviting some colleagues and the aforementioned student also to join us.

Thanks for setting this up.

Hey @RavinKumar. Glad to be a part of this book club.
I am a data scientist at an investment firm. Did a causal inference course at university and worked on an independent study to integrate a causal model with deep learning to generate images based on conditional and interventional statements. Ever since then, I have been into learning and coding different things around causal inference. There are few use cases at work around experimentation and I am trying to use CI techniques for it.

I am hoping that I get to interact with people who may have used CI techniques for similar use cases and also strengthen my basics of CI

i’m looking to link the concepts of causal inference to practice. the nodes are all there in my head but the edges don’t seem to connect !!

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This is great. So glad you all shared as I had suspicion that a community might be beneficial for these reasons, but its always better to have data! Going through this together will help with everything mentioned above!

I’ll join just to see what Ravin is up to.

I’d also see what other software for CI looks like, most of my hands-on work for causal estimation is only in the DeclareDesign-verse DSL, which is very heavily influenced by Gerber & Green.

I’m looking for more of a practical application of causal inference. I have many projects working towards reducing costs and increasing revenue. I’m trying to find a way to better measure their impact to the business (more causal and less correlative). By joining a book club, I will be motivated to read the material and follow along with the discussions. Happy to be here.

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Hello! I’m here for a few reasons. I’m hoping to learn a bit more about this area that I find quite interesting but never been able to give enough time to really deep dive into it. Also looking to pick up any handy ideas/tips that I could potentially bring to my team at work. Lastly, I want to get back into more training and development mindset which is something I put on the long finger the last while.

I got exposed to causal inference through Richard McElreath’s Statistical Rethinking. I’m in academia and have interacted with others who know causal inference much deeper than what I’ve learned and felt I needed to supplement my knowledge with another source. I’ve flipped through this book but it’d be great to go deeper and feel more confident in applying these concepts to my own work.

I’m here for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve always revered Guido Imbens, but truthfully have never gone through the fundamentals of causal inference that he’s so good at. So happy to be learning. And the second reason is unrelated to the book at hand and thinly veiled: I’m hoping this book club evolves into some bayesian statistical topics. I worked with pymc3 at a political polling firm, and would love to find more applications.

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m personally someone who learns best with hands-on, applicational learning. From this book club, I’m hoping to make some friends, and hopefully learn some creative ways to apply causal inference methods in my day-job as a Data Scientist!

Looking forward to it!

I’m here to learn about Causal Inference, both theoretical and hands-on. I could read the book (and others) on my own but participating here will let me see what others are thinking and doing and will connect me with other good resources. Also, being a part of the book club will help make sure I don’t let other things crowd out this part of my self-development.

Hello all and welcome,
Thanks much for these responses! It looks like we have many shared interests here, and so glad you all joined Plus now that we all know others are looking for we can help make sure everyone gets what they want out of this club!

Hello, I’m here to learn about Causal Inference and discuss that and similar topics with like-minded people. My career has meandered through Physics, GIS/Remote Sensing, Photography, and now I am pivoting into Data Science. I am starting the book now but will catch up with everyone by the next livestream. I have also been a mod on Twitch for a long time. If there is anyway I can help out, just let me know.

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Hey people. I am late to the book club and trying to catch up with you. I am looking forward to learn about causal inference hopefully from first principles and have some practice with code.

@ravichikkam Youre just in time! The first chapter is an easy read thankfully and you can watch the livestream to catch up quicky.

Next chapter session is in a little over a week so still plenty of time to get read that one as well :slight_smile:

Welcome to the book club

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