Do you folks need a tutorial on how to setup a code environment?

This notebook club is going to make heavy use of Jupyter notebooks and the code within. Getting hands on is the best way to learn, and the only way to accomplish actual work with the libraries.

Do folks want a tutorial on how to setup the code environment in the next livestream? Please let me know below. If so I’ll dedicate some time to it


I think I could certainly benefit from it. Do you know if Jax can be installed in Windows?

My understanding is its a bit tough. Some instructions from @pandrich have been shared here

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One tip: The installation instructions say to install using one of these commands:

pip install dynamax                 # Install dynamax and core dependencies, or
pip install dynamax[notebooks]      # Install with demo notebook dependencies

The second line gave me an error:

zsh: no matches found: dynamax[notebooks]

I was able to get it to work by wrapping dynamax[notebooks] in quotation marks:

pip install "dynamax[notebooks]"
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thanks, was scratching my head about this!