Ideas for next "Book" club

This learning community is wonderful and I’d like to keep it going.

For the next thing I’m thinking of going through, its code notebooks and ideas implemented in this Dynamax repository.

Why is that? The concepts of State Space Models, and modern accelerated computing, just seem way too good to pass up. Plus this feels like the “right” amount of material to get through in about 1 quarter, perhaps a little less. It also is paired with Kevin Murphys books which are quite excellent, but definitely so deep with material and end to end book club would take literal years. We can focus on this subset of models instead of the entire text.

What do you all think?


This sounds excellent!

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That looks very interesting. I’d like to work through that.

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Would absolutely love this.

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100 % :raised_hands: (although I usually watch the recordings as Sunday is family time :hugs:)

Very happy to continue with this! Thanks so much for organising everything Ravin. This book club has been a great way to get into causal inference, and hopefully many other areas of inference in the future!

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Looks very interesting and useful, definitely one that will make me get more involved with the book club!


Great, we’ll start this after January 15th which is our final event for Causal Inference Mixtape book reading


The INFORMS book club is doing Book of Why / Judea Pearl for Feb: