Meet up locally if you can!

Though these book clubs are virtual I encourage you all to get together in person if you can. To help facilitate share where you’re approximately located to see if others are closeby!

I learned today in the livestream there are a couple folks living in socal and am quite excited to see if we can find meet sometime!

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Located in South Orange County if anyone wants to meet up!

Am in Dublin, Ireland… if there is anyone else?

I’m in Portland, Oregon USA. Man, I’d love to have a MeetUp in Dublin. :smiley: But I don’t think I can take a vacation there yet.

I’m in Portland Oregon through the end of the summer and then Asheville, NC. Would love to meet others from the group.

London, UK. Happy to meet up if there are any other Londoners about.

Santiago, Chile… I do travel to NYC about 2x a year (next time will be in ~January) if anyone wants to meet there.

Want to do an informal meet up at SCALE or DataCon?

Love how international this group is! Its really inspiring to be learning with folks around the world

I wont be around for DataCon but Scale potentially!

I’m in Germany, near Cologne.

It’s great to see other LATAM folks here, I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have family in Buenos Aires, so I am also open to a meet-up there! :sweat_smile:

Two of the best bayesians I know are in Argentina. Osvaldo and @tomicapretto. Ive also heard rumors theres going to be a Bayesian conference there sometime in the next year too.

Be on the lookout for that, I’ll try to be attending myself as well :slight_smile: Plus I need to get some alfajores those things are so good


I’m not in Buenos Aires but I go there from time to time. Happy to get in touch if you want!

I’m from Hastings, MI…more cows than people and a great place to do Bayesian analysis!

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Anyone in Boston want to do a meet up? Drop me a line.

Meetup “causal thinking” online and in person (DC). Would be good to meet others in this space