Questions for a community survey

Hey Folks,

what do you think about starting a survey to find out more about our backgrounds? Ravin could do a type of poll so we would get aggregate data. Example questions could include:

Scientific background:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Math/Physics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Biology/Neuroscience/Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences

Employment status:

  • Student
  • Phd
  • Industry
  • NGO
  • Self-Employment

Do you have any further suggestions for questions that you would find interesting?


One off the top of my head, Any prior causal inference experience?

Thank you @LarsKar for the idea and kicking this off!

Business - Investment Management
No prior causal experience - other than system dynamics continuous-time simulation for complex adaptive systems. What is System Dynamics | System Dynamics Society

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Any other questions? If not I’ll start drafting a Google form to send out to the mailing list to get as many responses as we can!

Background: Physics/Math
Employment: Self-Employed/Student

No prior causal inference experience.

@RavinKumar might as well ask for peoples github so you can hit their graphql user endpoint and see what languages / packages people are using. have an old script laying around for that if you want.

I work as a data scientist for a food retail/manufacturing company. Have worked as a statistician earlier. No prior causal experience, but, currently working on a project for assessing the causal effect on sales for certain ad campaigns. GitHub: rahuljungbahadur (Rahul Bahadur) · GitHub