DIrected Acyclical Graph Livestream - July 11th

This will be the topic that will include the livestream details for the DAG chapter when I get it up.

But first a poll!

Do we want to keep the same time of 8am PST on Sunday July 10th, or would we like another time? Here’s the restrictions for the possible set, it must be sometime between July 8th to July 10th, and it has to be during 7am to 8pm PST.

I like the consistency of the same time, and it seems we get a great attendance but lets see what the group thinks! Looking forward to the responses

Edit Live stream link added

I will be on vacation July 9th & 10th. I might be able to make the livestream at 8am on July 10th but otherwise I can just watch the recording. In general, I like the Sunday mornings at 8am time slot.

As you’re the only one that expressed a preference, and since I now will also be out of town this Sunday, this next livestream will be at 6pm PST on Monday July 11th. A little randomness life is throwing out way.

I’ll publish my by our usual time on Sunday at 8am PST, and maybe also the slides as well. As always everything will be available async so all you fine folks can catch up at your leisure


This is a welcome surprise. I couldn’t see this chat earlier since I was traveling and thought that I was going to miss the livestream. See you all tonight

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Is this still happening on Monday the 11th (as the link says)? Or is it going to be on Thursday the 14th (as implied in another thread)?

I’m sorry I was confused. It looks like the introductory class office hours are on Thursday.

Just catching up with the live stream as it was unfortunately a bit too late in the evening for me with the time difference. I had a thought though on what @RavinKumar was talking about with regards to how much of the philosophy of modelling in data sci has focused on hyper param tuning, faster computation, and more data (“Big Data”). Whereas there now seems to be a general trend around better quality and smaller bespoke data sets coupled with generative modelling. There was a recent interview with Andrew Ng where he acknowledged this, Why it’s time for 'data-centric artificial intelligence' | MIT Sloan, so if he’s right builiding these skills around causal inf and bayesian stats will hopefully prepare us for a more “data centric” job market.

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