Book Club Welcome and Logistical Details

Very excited that you’re all here. It’s going to be a great time working through this book together and learning more throughout this year.

I’ve shared more context and logistical details in the video below. The biggest takeaway. Read through the Introduction by Sunday May June 5th 8am PST. That’s when we’ll have our first livestream.

See you in Discourse in the meanwhile, and see you on the livestream then


I think that this should be “Sunday June 5h” right?

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You are right! It’s been corrected. Thank you for pointing this out

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hi - I know it’s difficult but doesn’t hurt to ask anyways. I appreciate that this might be a US centric audience so the time for the live sessions might work for most folks but is it possible to have the live sessions hosted on a weekday either in mornings or evenings PST?

Reason is that I’m in India and this is Sunday evening my time which kind of makes it difficult given other responsibilities of life.

If this is not possible then I understand and will try to join into the live sessions whenever possible. Thanks again for organizing this group!

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Do you want/need a mod for the livestream chat?

I hope this doesn’t feel US centric! Ideally we find what works best for the majority of the group. The one reality is I am in the US so if I live stream it’ll have to be around my sleep and work schedule (which is PST centric)

Here’s an idea though, what I can do is take a poll each time to see what timing works best for people that intend to join.

Hows that idea sound?

That’d be nice! I’ve never done this before but we can figure this out together if you’d like

a poll sounds great ! thanks!!

Sounds good, for this first one I’ll keep the Sunday time since I’ve already allocated it in my schedule but don’t worry itll be an easy one. Will do a poll before the next one!

Is the live stream within Discourse here?

Itll be on Youtube. the direct link which will be shared here on discourse in the #book-club:causulinf-introduction topic!

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@acflippo Livestream details are at the link below

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