Next Live Stream: Sunday November 20th 8am PST - New Format

The next livestream on the Difference-in-Differences chapter will be on Sunday, Nov 20 at 8am Pacific.

We are going to be doing a different format. The book club will still be live streamed to Ravin’s YouTube channel and chat will be available there. We will be restreaming a live Zoom meeting to facilitate more discussion and have an easier time asking questions and discussing concepts. I will be leading the discussion through the chapter. Hopefully people from the book club can join us on the Zoom meeting.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, they would be great to hear!


I am SO excited for this. Big thanks to @ChadDelany for taking charge here.

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Tagging common attendees @LarsKar, @acflippo, @JulioBarros @rahulB. Would you folks like to join in on the joint call?

Yes, I would love to. Looking forward to the Zoom invite

Yes, I’d like to join in.

Yes, i’d like to join.

Sure, I’d like to join depending on the day/time. Thanks for the invite.

Following! I’m catching up since I started late :slight_smile: Was hoping to make the last one, but missed the announcement so I’d love a zoom invite!

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@rahulB @JulioBarros @LarsKar @acflippo @rowan Zoom invites sent!

@rahulB @JulioBarros @LarsKar @rowan @RavinKumar Just a heads up. I have a very bad cold that started yesterday. I will try to make it tomorrow but I don’t think I can contribute much as I cough a lot.

I hope you recover fast! Feel free to join in however is best for you. There will be a livestream like normal as well