Final chapter of book club December 18th

Hey folks,
Lets finish off this book on December 18th! Biggest question, do we want to do a zoom format or do we want the lecture style from me? Happy with either option,

Livestream will be at 10am PST


I liked the zoom format but either would be great.


Actually, I’ll volunteer to lead the discussion on Zoom. I’ll outline things as I understand them and people can fill in any missing info and contribute what they’ve picked up.

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December 18th sounds great. I prefer the Zoom format. Thanks for volunteering, Julio!

Who wants to be in the discussion for the final chapter discussion this Sunday? Comment here and I’ve got a link for you!

I would like to join

It’s the world cup final at that time so will have to miss out! Will there be a recording of the chat?

Oh man I forgot about. I’m feeling like we should do this one at 7:30 PST. 30 mins earlier than our usual time.

For anyone interested DM me and I’ll send you a link. @rahulB I’ll message you right now

Here’s the link to the public stream for the last chapter! We’ll be starting 30 mins earlier at 7:30 PST because of the world cup!

Hope to see you all there

Hey folks,
Turns out I don’t understand timezones and didn’t realize that this book club will overlap with the world cup final.

It is ok if we do this book club at 10 am PST (6:00 PM) UTC? My family has been watching the world cup and given the infrequency of it

Alternatively we could do this club on a weekday, next Saturday, or the next fully free Sunday (Without Christmas or New Years) would be Jan 8th.

Please do let me know, and my apologies for the misunderstanding on my side

Hi, i’m fine with either 10am PST or weekday. But finishing the book this year sounds more satisfying doesn’t it?

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It really does feel better to finish it this year. @JulioBarros is leading the discussion tomorrow, waiting for his response before I make any moves!

Taled to Julio. Livestream is now at 10 am PST after the world cup!


This world cup is never going to end… :scream:

Its at penalties so I think itll be done juuussttt before our time starts! Hoping we won’t run into too many tech issues either. Thanks folks for the leniency

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What a game. I’m ready to try to connect.

@JulioBarros and I are in! If youre joining into the livestream with video use the restream link!