First Guest in Causal Inference Interview Series: Demetri Pananos

Hello all!
As promised in the last session, we’ll start mixing things up by having other folks come in and chat. The first will be Demetri Pananos. Demetri is an amazing statistician that is skilled both in theory and practice, as well as has a ton of practical experience. He worked on Google Summer of Code and is now a data scientist at Zapier.

There’s two other important bits here too

  1. Demetri is also currently learning Causal Inference as we all are, so expect to learn a lot from the perspective of someone who already is so well versed in practical statistics
  2. Since this is my first live stream interview there’s a good chance the tech will fail. Demetri is very patient and promised he won’t get mad at me if I struggle a bit getting things setup

Note, we’ll still do our normal book club session the week after. These interviews will be in addition to our current cadence!

August 21st 8 AM PST
Livestream link will be posted here


A tweet from our Sunday guest!

Livestream link is posted! Hope to see you folks join in

Thanks for doing this, I enjoyed it! Would be good to have more sessions like this.

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Appreciate the response and glad you enjoyed it! We’ll certainly do more of these